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Am I having Sex?

17 Nov

Sometimes I get confused as to whether I’m having sex or not. Luckily I have found this handy flowchart which will help me out in future sticky (ahem) situations…

Cheating Type

16 Nov

Often, when someone cheats on you, you can picture the two of them at it. All the kissing, licking, positions and shit they did. Well Luke Lucas (great name right?!) has visualised cheating in a whole new way. He has created one of the most disturbing, yet funny typefaces I’ve seen in a while. Check out the “excuses” he’s used to show the typeface, then have a look at the close ups. Knida weird… But I like it…

Have a look at his other typefaces and work on his website.

A Dyslexic Girl’s Guide to Books: Tart Cards

15 Nov



Hello. My name is Hells and I’m dyslexic…

but damn do I love a good book! 

In my last year at art school I began making my own Tart Cards. For anyone who doesn’t know what a Tart Card is, it’s a small, post-card-sized piece of paper that prostitutes put in telephone boxes to advertise their services. Before you go there, no I was not making tart cards to advertise my career change to becoming a hooker. I made cards that, instead of advertising girl’s sexual “talents” they advertised their intellect and expertise in whatever field they worked in. 
Peep my cards below:

So, obviously while doing this project I came to learn a lot about the origins of Tart Cards in London (because yes, they are unique to LDN). It wasn’t until a month after said project was finished that I came across the most perfect book on the subject: “Tart Cards: London’s Illicit Advertising Art” by Caroline Archer & Mark Batty.

I know right? Sod’s law that I scrawl the internet, books and documents to try to get as much info on TCs and just when I don’t need it no more, I find this gem in the book shop opposite my office! 

Regardless, I got the book. Firstly because it was only £6, and secondly because I have a true, deep love of Tart Cards, and this book has everything you will ever want to know about them. Plus, a lot of information about the dark underworld of the London sex-scene; it’s history, origins, techniques, doggy dealings, the lot!
The good thing about this book is it is stuffed full of images. Now, for a dyslexic, this is like giving a fat kid the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory. There is nothing better for me than a book that has more pictures that words, and the words it does have are easy to follow, interesting, and informative. 
To top it all off, once you’ve learnt all about Tart Cards, and seen pretty much every card that’s ever been made, there is a handy little glossary at the back of the book that teaches you the meanings of technical terms and vernacular phrases that are commonly found on London’s tart cards.
What could be better for a dyslexic than a dictionary huh? 



Buy & enjoy here. xx




14 Nov

Do you wish you could draw yourself a hot naked guy or girl, but realise you can’t actually draw? Not a problem! Cop these XXX dot-to-dot books to get the ball rolling…

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