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1 Dec

Couldn’t resist!


30 Nov

I don’t really do fake eyelashes, but I might be tempted to with these exquisite paper lashes from Paperself. This is just a selection of the gorgeousness that is awaiting you at their website – if you can’t rock a cut-out underwater montage on your face in the festive season, then when can you?

24 Nov

One of many amazing pieces of art from Insa. I love it all, I hope you do too.

Cheating Type

16 Nov

Often, when someone cheats on you, you can picture the two of them at it. All the kissing, licking, positions and shit they did. Well Luke Lucas (great name right?!) has visualised cheating in a whole new way. He has created one of the most disturbing, yet funny typefaces I’ve seen in a while. Check out the “excuses” he’s used to show the typeface, then have a look at the close ups. Knida weird… But I like it…

Have a look at his other typefaces and work on his website.

The colourful world of Mike Jones

16 Nov

I’ve been following Mike Jones’ blog for a while now. And yesterday I can across this website with some amazing art work on it, when I clicked on the blog section I was pleasantly surprised that this is Mike’s work. You go Mike! 

Nails Knuckledusters

11 Nov

Sorry what?! Someone has made knuckledusters that have beautifully painted acrylic nails inside them?? Are you for real??

Seems like it….

More want.

8 Nov

Why doesn’t the UK have a Sephora? Girl Heaven, and you can only get the Karl Lagerfeld for Sephora range there. AND they don’t do mail order – not fair. The snow globe is adorable and bound to be a sell out. The range was launched on Monday 7th November if you have any nice people in Europe or America to post them to you.

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