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Versace BABY

20 Nov

OK, so a wee while ago I posted about my excitement about the H&M Versace collab. I longed for the jacket and thought about it everyday. I planned to get up ultra early the day it launched and bag myself one but inside I was worried. Internet sites have a habit of being unable to cope with alot of traffic, what if I couldnt log in? What if they had none left? What if it crashed?! STRESS! But… incredible girl I work with who was even more excited about the launch told me that she was going to camp outside the shop and be one of the first in and when she offered to grab me my jacket I jumped at the chance!!!! I still got up early and tried to but online too but was so gutted when, as I suspected, the website just couldn’t cope! BUT, camp-out shop-a-holic was successful and went Versace crazy; bagging me the jacket, leggings, trousers hat and tshirt for herself. She described the scene in the shop as pandemonium but I am forever indebted to her for getting me my delightful baby…….


20 Nov

This is me pulling out all the stops to make dinner for my pals. Perfect X Factor dindins!!

Jel much?

19 Oct

Ok, so for the most part, I enjoy Made in Chelsea (E4 Mondays 10pm). I love to see people with oodles of money (some ‘characters’ are the heir to the McVities biscuit throne and an other is the son of a diamond and rare gemstones millionaire) splash their cash on expensive champers, gross fast cars and real jewels, weekend in Cannes and at daddy’s country manor is a world I am totally sucked in to. Whilst the characters may be annoyingly staged and awkward at times, there is something about the relationships between them that I find fascinating. They may be rich and posh but they still swear, drink and shag about like the best of them (e.g. TOWIE cast and well, you and I the average Joes) which makes them seem semi normal and ALMOST human. However, as much as I enjoy the escapism and just cannot warm to one character- Chloe Green!!!! She has the most ridiculous (and incredibly gay boyfriend) and an over-ly posh accent, dahling. But these aren’t the reasons for my dislike; its the fact her daddy-o is Philip Green, owner of Topshop!! She is without question one lucky gal. Makes me Green with envy.

SO, if you want to watch the bitchy, the champagne sipping and the wealthy then tune in on Mondays….if you can handle the jealousy!!!! xx

Versace at H&M

17 Oct


Launches 17 th November 2011



17 Oct

Hello! Im new round here, but not new to the world of Pussy!! I like to spend my days watching the telebox and Hells has kindly asked me on here to share my pearls of wisdom on trashy, soapy, reality and some semi-serious tv shows! I also recently got back from Iceland so will be posting some wee blogs on cool things I saw there, to start, here is a photo of me eating whale! Soooo right now I am watching Made in Chelsea, then Easties and my Corrie catch up as well as perhaps taking a second look at the ridiculous new Katie Price show! Will report back…..

me trying whale meat for the first time

Enjoy people! xx

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