Versace BABY

20 Nov

OK, so a wee while ago I posted about my excitement about the H&M Versace collab. I longed for the jacket and thought about it everyday. I planned to get up ultra early the day it launched and bag myself one but inside I was worried. Internet sites have a habit of being unable to cope with alot of traffic, what if I couldnt log in? What if they had none left? What if it crashed?! STRESS! But… incredible girl I work with who was even more excited about the launch told me that she was going to camp outside the shop and be one of the first in and when she offered to grab me my jacket I jumped at the chance!!!! I still got up early and tried to but online too but was so gutted when, as I suspected, the website just couldn’t cope! BUT, camp-out shop-a-holic was successful and went Versace crazy; bagging me the jacket, leggings, trousers hat and tshirt for herself. She described the scene in the shop as pandemonium but I am forever indebted to her for getting me my delightful baby…….

Holla Back

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