A Dyslexic Girl’s Guide to Books: How to spot a Bastard by his Star Sign

8 Nov

Hello. My name is Hells and I’m dyslexic. 

It took me years to learn to read (when I say years, I mean, I’m still bloody learning!), but I love books.

This can be a bit of a problem for a dyslexic, because although I want to read any book I come across, I can’t get through the first chapter without putting it down and waiting for the film version to be released. However, I really am a massive fan of books, but the only ones I do manage to finish have to be funny, particularly interesting, teach me something, get me thinking, ect. 

So, I have decided to share my recomedations of books that are super friendly for anyone who doesn’t have much time, patience or brain cells for most written texts.

The first book I’ll share with you is “How to spot a Bastard by his Star Sign by Adele Lang & Susi Rajah.
This book was sent to me by the amazing Susan, after I told her I was dumped by a Libra Bastard. Said event happened less than two weeks ago, I received the book last week, and I’ve already finished it! 
Now, for someone who takes a year to read a chapter, this amazed me, a whole book in a week?! It was down to the fact that this book is the best thing I’ve read in a while. It’s funny (like really funny. Laugh-out-loud-on-the-bus-funny.), the chapters are only a few pages each, and everything these girls say is uncanny!! They hit the nail (and by nail I mean man) on the head every time!!
Read the intro to the book, and already from this you get that the girls aren’t taking themsleves (or men) to seriously:

The book has a chapter for each star sign, and a great quiz at the back to help you identify which star sign your special Bastard is. 
I like reading my Star Signs, but must say, I have always taken them with a pinch of salt. So I read this book with the same attitude… that is until I came to the Libra Bastard chapter. As I said before, a Libra just broke my heart, so I was interested to read his chapter. And, my god, I can not stress how accurate this is, in everyway! So much so, that one of these girls must have met my particular Libra, maybe they are part of the long list of girls he’s shagged? Maybe one of them is his sister? Or his Mum? Because no one can be that accurate in one little book?! 
Or maybe there really is something to these Star Signs….

Buy it here. xx

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