Rick “Rico” Genest

7 Nov
There is no denying that these photos of Rick Genest (commonly known as Rico the Zombie Boy) are beautiful. However, I just don’t get the fascination with Rick. Yes, his body is completely covered in tattoos, yes they are eye catching, yes he looks very different from your-run-of-the-mill boy. But Let’s be very clear here, he is just that; a-run-of-the-mill-boy, only with a few more tattoos thrown in.

One Response to “Rick “Rico” Genest”

  1. thedamnedandthebeautiful November 8, 2011 at 12:44 am #

    There is a really interesting video on his website where 3 make up artists make him look like he has no tattoos – really amazing to watch and probably more subversive and thought provoking than you’d think. The actual website is gash though, I feel pretty sorry for him as he has been picked by the fashion industry who are lauding him for what will probably only last a few seasons, then he will be back to where he was but with an over inflated idea of his talents. I hope he makes a lot of money – it isn’t like he will be able to blow it on tattoos!

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