Morgan Slade

25 Oct

Morgan Slade creates fantastic art works that really appeal to me. Peep his website to see more fantastic works by him.

“Slade is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work explores the symbolic shorthand of corporate logos and brand identities that permeate American consumer culture. Slade appropriates these symbols and places them in the context of his paintings as a way to alter their symbolic status, redefine their meaning, and create his own personal vocabulary. His work makes prominent use of the female form as a way to anchor the pieces and confront the symbolism behind the female form, her poses, and attire as interpreted by society. Slade photographs his anonymous subjects in scant attire and masked visages; striking provocative poses that the artist views as strong and empowered versus weak and victimized. He then reworks the photographs with any one of a number of mediums to create an intensely vibrant and engaging work.”

Holla Back

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