Eye Love It!

25 Oct
I always wear black eye-liner. Not in an I-hate-the-world-no-one-understands-me-goth-way, but just because I have black hair and v. dark eyes, so it kinda works. I have tried tones of different eye-pencils in my time. I’m not a fan of liquid eyeliner (probably because I can’t use it and it always ends up making me look like a panda), but a good deep black pencil, is definatly my weapon of choice. 
Another thing I love is cheap make-up. I resent having to pay a lot for something that runs out so quickly. Here are my two favourite black eye-pencils that are dirt cheap, but really do work.
No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil – £7.75 / £2.75 I love this pencil because it’s long enough that it takes ages to run out, and the black is really dark. It also has a small sponge at the tip, which is ideal for blending. Plus Boots always give out £5 No7 vouchers, which means you can get this baby for just £2.75!Topshop Kohl Eye Pencil in Coal – £4. I’ve never thought to buy makeup from Topshop, but I was given this a a Christmas pressie last year, and OH MY GOD! This pencil is amazing, super super black, and lasts all day. At only £4 it is a no-brainer! 

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