Real Barbie

19 Oct

Yeah, so I am obsessed with Barbie. I have never thrown out any of my thousands of Barbie bits I have, and obviously I wish I was her (who doesn’t?). But I haven’t got a patch on these girls…

Laura Vinicombe, 21

Blonde Laura is a part-time sales assistant at an Ann Summers store.
The single girl, from Pinner, Middlesex, is constantly compared to Barbie, even by strangers.
She says: “I love Barbie and the way she looks.
“I’ve always been told that I look like her. I find it really flattering.
“Barbie is so flawless and perfect so it’s nice that people think I look that way too.
“I live a very girly lifestyle. I love shopping and I spend hours in the Barbie section at Hamleys toy store in London.
“I love looking at all the different dolls and accessories. I have a few dolls myself, including the 50th anniversary editions.
“Whenever I am at Hamleys tourists always ask to take pictures with me because they think I am Barbie.
“It’s really funny. Sometimes they just take pictures without even asking, assuming I am some kind of celebrity.
“People also start singing the Barbie Girl song really loudly as I walk past. I love that song. I love all things Barbie.
“I have a few Barbie handbags and I had a Barbie cake for my birthday last year.
“I also like making and customising my own outfits, just so they fit me perfectly and to make them unique.
“I have got a Barbie doll figure. I’m 5ft 4in, size eight, my tummy is completely flat and I have long legs. I’ve had a boob job so my boobs are 32F.
“I also love fake tan. I could never go out looking pale. Barbie is perfectly tanned at all times so I like to have a sun-kissed glow.
“I am a natural blonde but I bleach my hair to give it the Barbie-blonde look. And hair extensions are a must, as are fake eyelashes.
“Some people do get the wrong impression about me. They think because I look like Barbie I’m going to be an airhead.
“Actually, I am a Barbie with brains. I have ten GCSEs and I got three A*s.
“I have received hate mail from some people telling me that I look fake and that my personality is fake too. But that’s simply not true at all.
“I am the nicest person you could ever meet. I just rise above the criticism — but it is really hurtful.”

Zoe Zafferon, 21

Barbie-barmy Zoe tailors her style so she can nail the plastic doll look.
And model Zoe, 21, from St Albans, Herts, even has her own “Ken” — her 27-year-old bricklayer boyfriend Mark White.
She says: “I always get little girls coming up to me and asking if I am Barbie. It’s so cute.
“I had hundreds of Barbies when I was younger. I think being that into them when I was little has made me such a girly girl today. I adore pink and anything else that is pretty and feminine.
“I have a number of Barbie looks, so when I go to the gym I’m Sporty Barbie and when I go clubbing with friends I’m Disco Barbie.
“Mark and I are the real-life Ken and Barbie. All our friends even call us that because we are so like them.

Vanessa Threadgold, 23

Pink princess Vanessa has a huge collection of Barbie merchandise. The dance teacher, from Leeds, even dresses her pet dogs in Barbie clothes.
She says: “Me and my brunette Barbie are twins. I have stuck a picture of myself next to her in my bedroom so I can constantly compare our looks.
“I want to have plastic surgery so that I look more like her. I definitely want a nose job and a boob job so our figures are the same. I’m a 32C but I want to be 32F.
“People say I am pretty and don’t need to have surgery but I don’t agree.
“My brunette Barbie looks so pretty, I just want to look like her. When I was 15 the dog kept chewing my Barbies. I had hundreds and so many were ruined. I was devastated.
“Then, when I was older, my dad threw the rest out because he said I was too old to have them. But over the last few years I have started a new collection. I now have vintage Barbie bedding, Barbie cutlery, T-shirts with Barbie on them — you name it, I’ve got it.
“Every room in my house is bright pink. My landlord did his nut when he saw it but it looks so pretty. It’s like my own Barbie dream house.
“I have a pet chihuahua and pomeranian and I love dressing them up in Barbie outfits. We look really cute when we go out matching.
“When people see my house and all the Barbie stuff they think I’m crazy. But I just love Barbie and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

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