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31 Aug

From a 1961 edition of Bride & Groom, a guide to “marital relations.”

How does she do it?

31 Aug

These images are from a shoot from Vogue Portugal July 2011. On paper the trousers sound heinous- front open laced snakeskin, yet in the photographs they look so good!! I suppose it helps that the model is a drop dead gorgeous leggy blonde.


Pray you can fill more than one page

31 Aug

Historical Accuracy of Disney Princesses

31 Aug

Sometimes I wonder how historically accurate Disney is. Ok, that’s not true. I don’t give a shit how historically accurate Disney is, but if I did care then Claire Hummel would have totally have helped me out. She researched the eras of each cartoon and re-drew them with the correct style of dress from their time-period. Fascinating non the less!
According to the artist, some were harder than others. Of Snow White, Claire said it “is pretty easy to pinpoint in 16th-century Germany. Not that the film is accurate, but the clues are there.” Others were more challenging. Claire explained: “The Little Mermaid is hard to place from a time period standpoint — Grimsby’s wearing a Georgian getup, Ariel’s pink dress with the slashed sleeves subscribes to several eras from the Renaissance to the 1840s, Eric is . . . Eric. I went with Ariel’s wedding dress as a starting point since those gigantic leg-o-mutton sleeves (so embarrassingly popular in ’80s wedding fashion) were a great starting point for an 1890s evening gown.”

Polka Dot Punks

31 Aug

Polka Dot Punks is a pop-up art and design gallery born out of our frustration at the lack of exhibition spaces and opportunities for emerging artists. We are passionate about promoting affordable contemporary art and design in welcoming, quirky spaces in and around Glasgow.”

We love their tag-line: “Buy local, save an Artist!” and we love their philosophy, so this is one group we’ll be keeping a close eye on, and hopefully working with in the near future! 

In the mean time, to all out Glasgow readers, get yourself down to their event tomorrow night (Thursday 1st September) at Universal Bar, details below. Not only will you see amazing art, listen to great music and have drinks, but you’ll also see some of the founder of PUSSY Magazine, Hells’ work. 

Get yourself down there and save and Artist! xxx

New Boring Video from Nicki Minaj

31 Aug
Nicki Minaj has released her new video for the song “Fly” with Rihanna. I like this song a lot, but I found it hard to sit through the whole 4 mins, 36 seconds of this video. It’s the same wannabe-Lady-Gaga-post-apocalyptic-weird-fashion-that-doesn’t-look-good-at-all shit that everyone seems to be doing now. Come on Nicki, what happened?  The only thing remotely interesting in this is Nicki’s leopard print hair, but even that doesn’t make up for how tedious this really is.

Peep Video:

31 Aug

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