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30 May
PUSSY has been busy, with exhibitions, photoshoots, art and total, un-diluted fun times! Here’s some shots to show you what us girls have been up to. 


Nails match the phone

Cinco de Mayo 

Street Fighting Girls

Art School is way more fun with nails

Exhibition by this lady and her bffs

PUSSY’s Phones: 

Personal. Public. Private. Pimp.
And all Pink

“Tom Needs The Light” = Understatement!

NAIL LIFE: Alice’s Wonderland

30 May

30 May

This is the breakfast I was given. Bacon, sausages, heart shaped eggs and spaghetti letters. Yum and thank you! xx 

30 May

Looks like I finally ran into someone who likes to play as rough as I do

30 May

30 May

30 May

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