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4 Feb
This week Pussy started the month off with an exhibition of Scottish graffiti and British photography. Photography by Hells Gibson and graffiti by EJEK of the ER crew. The opening night was a success, full of shots, hip hop and friendly faces. Thanks to everyone who came down and showed their love. And to the few who showed even more love by buying something! 

Peep the photos and get in touch if you want to buy any of the pieces. 
Commissions also available. 

“Superfly” £60

“White Boy” £200     SOLD 

“Iron Man VS Dr Doom” £300

“Daredevil”  Prints £7

“Ejek Ejek Ejek” £60   SOLD

Ejek & Hells £70

£100 Each or £500 for set of 6. Prints £30 Each

Much Love xx

Fruity Nails

4 Feb

I just ordered so much nail stuff from ebay, these came first and I couldn’t wait to go mad with them. It’s like a little bit of Hawaii in Glasgow. 

Flower Nails

4 Feb

I put glitter and real flowers on my nails. They didn’t last long but my lord were they cute!!

Indian Winter

4 Feb

I didn’t really know where I was going with these nails but I think they look like an Indian princess might wear them. Maybe. 

Birthday Nails Part 2

4 Feb

This is what I went for with my nails on my birthday. It was probably the best thing about the whole day. I hate getting older. 

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