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Birthday Nails

12 Jan

It’s my birthday on Thursday (I’m 18 again). I want to have the cutest nails ever because I’m the birthday girl. What should I do on my nails?

Suggestions please…


12 Jan

My nails were boring me, so while taking photos on a shoot I also did my nails. I had no time to be creative so I simply painted them pink and stuck on gems. 


12 Jan

For one of my Christmas presents I got given a nail foil set. So here’s what I did with some of it. More foiling to come. xx

NAIL LIFE: Back to Pink

12 Jan

I caved in and put my acrylics back on. Shut up, I lasted 2 whole weeks, so well done me! Seen as I felt like an ugly boy while I didn’t have my nails on I decided to go pink mad with my new nails. I no longer feel like a boring boy. xx

The best gift ever

12 Jan

About a month ago me and my flat mate saw that Nails Inc. had done a collaboration with Chambord Liquor to create a nail colour. Seen as I live and breath nails and Chambord is my favourite liquor I thought my birthday had come early. Because my flat mate is the best person in the world she tried to find me the gift set for my christmas present, but with no luck. So imagine my surprise and ridiculous excitement to open a present from my new guy’s mama only to find the very same gift set. I can die happy now. xx

When the going gets tough, paint bows

12 Jan

I had to take my acrylics off for a couple of weeks. I’ve had acrylics on since I was about 16 and I’m a chronic nail biter, which means my real nails are shockingly bad. Having my real nails showing made me sad, so I did the only thing that I could to make them look ok-ish. I painted pink bows with pink gems on them. Done. 


12 Jan

Kirsty wanted one hand as monsters and one hand as leopard prints. With some 3-D goggly eyes I created magic. These are some of my favourite nails. xx

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