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Beautiful Star Signs that confuse…

5 Dec
These are the new stunning photographs by Matt Irwin for Russian Vogue. I’m still trying to work out which ones are which signs, but that just adds to the fun of it all. 


5 Dec
Obviously you all know about this collaboration already because you’re all cool. But here’s some pictures anyway, and here’s a link to the film of Barbie and Christian having the time of their lives. Enjoy (And buy me one)!! xx

Love, Love, Love being a girl!

2 Dec

Recent events have made it clear that some girls think just because we care about make up, clothes and pretty things it makes us stupid. Well stupid is as stupid does. The closed minded girls who believe that shit are simply showing off their own stupidity and low self esteem. If it makes a girl feel good to look good then go for it! If you want to wear inch thick make-up and sparkles do it! If you want to not brush your hair and wear the same outfit all week then do that too! It’s the girls who make other girls look and feel stupid who are clearly the stupid ones. 

PUSSY supports all girls, whatever you’re into and how ever you look. We love you! xx

The only good thing I’ve read about Amber Rose…

2 Dec

I really can’t stand Amber Rose, but I thought I was the only one, until I read this brilliant article: “Why I don’t give a shit about Amber Rose.” Finally I have a friend!!! xx

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