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Texts From Last Night

29 Sep

We’ve all woken up the morning after the night before and had to check our phone to see what happened. I used to hate myself until I found the website Texts From Last Night, and realised it’s not just me! So fuck it, let’s have another Tequila! 

Some of my recent favourites:

-‘they had a keg party to fund her abortion.’

-‘I thought he was joking about bailing you out until I saw the picture of you and the sheep in the morning paper. Were those my boots you had on it’

-‘I bet him anal if they won…the one time Detroit decides to win, it had to be this week’

-‘I’m pretty sure there is a country song about this exact situation’


29 Sep
I know this came out a while ago, but I haven’t done a post about it, so here it is: The GhostFace Killah Action Figure!!
For $500 you can buy this little 9inch doll of the Ghost himself. It comes complete with a 14k gold chain, a gold chalice with Swarovski crystals and a special mix-tape with original GhostFace Killah catch-phrases. 
However as there was only 500 made, it’s pretty safe to say they’ve sold out. 

A Sleazy Day of Fun.

29 Sep
Thanks to all the Ladies who came down to get their nails did. PUSSY Magazine had a fun-filled day of nails, cup cakes and clothes. Hope to see you all next time! xx

MOB Living: Fall Time!!

21 Sep
Married to the Mob just released photos from behind the scene on their new Fall collection shoot! I’m so excited to see the finished images. With Brooke Nipar behind the camera, you know they are going to be stunning! 

American Apparel Ads

21 Sep
I REALLY hate the American Apparel adverts. They make me become a raging feminist. Sure, sex sells, and obviously sells well, seen as American Apparel is making billions, and I’m sure many people (mainly men) around the world love these images. But why must women be put into sexual positions just to sell a t-shirt?! And what woman would chose to model for adverts like these? This website has put together the 50 most Sluttiest American Apparel ads of all time. Looking at them all makes me really question the people behind the adverts and the girls in them. And is it me, but do all these girls look under-age? 

Made Me Clothing Continued…

21 Sep

Just to illiterate how good the new Made Me collection is…

Fridge Love

21 Sep

I’m going to do this to my fridge tonight.

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