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Learn something everyday.

31 Aug

This website is amazing. You submit a fact and Manchester based Young Designs illustraite it. A new one goes up every day, hence the title.

Dimepiece x Cassie

31 Aug
I love Dimepeice. I always have. The new collaboration with Cassie is hit and miss. I love the t-shirts and leggings, but some of the other stuff confuses me… Check it out.


31 Aug

I couldn’t decide which pink I wanted, so I used all my shades. Plus I just taught myself how to do leopard print, so I had to include that. Nail Art by Hells Gibson. 


30 Aug

I couldn’t decide what colour I wanted, so I did them all. Nail Art by HELLS GIBSON.

Why the Fuck do you have a Kid??

28 Aug

Go to this website. It’s amazing. xx

Barbie rules my heart and money

28 Aug
If you spend anytime in NYC you have to go to the Patricia Field shop. I only go because she did a range of jewellery with Mattel & Barbie. I already have two Barbie nameplate necklaces and hoops, but one more won’t hurt right?
Now if only my name was Barbie… 

Vintage Barbie Logo necklace in Gold.
At the back of the shop I found a Barbie purse. It was on sale for $10… Um… Sure, I’ll take it. It’s like someone went into my head, pulled out everything I love and made it into a purse; black pvc snake skin, gold, Barbie, Fred Perry style crest, leopard print. Done.

Thank you Patricia Field for making my life complete! xx


28 Aug

I just got these given to me as a present. I’ve been in love with these shoes for a long time. I’m more in love with them now I have them. Plus I’ve got mad love for the giver. Thank you! xx

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