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28 Nov

28 Nov

28 Nov

Hopeless Lingerie

26 Nov

“Taking inspiration from such diverse places as B-grade horror films, architecture and modern art, designer Gabrielle Adamidis with the help of her sister Dominique have established a strong following through innovative designs. Combining vintage aesthetics with modern comfort and convenience, Hopeless create pieces that aim to make women feel sexy and beautiful. Hopeless Lingerie can be worn on summer nights or just for special occasions, and it will take just one viewing for you to fall hopelessly in love.”

Taken from their website

Check them out below:

Gorgeous! xx

Ding, Dong!

22 Nov

22 Nov

Sometimes you just need a little Destinys Child

13 Nov


11 Oct

The OPI Muppets series has been released!! I’m so excited! xx

Get yours here:

Lana Del Ray

28 Sep

Bambi’s Back! Ever hear a new musician and almost want to keep them to yourself? xxx

Because, manners cost nothing

5 Sep

twenty-seven names

4 Sep

Winter 2012 lookbook for New Zeland brand twenty-seven names (don’t worry, Asos stock their stuff!)

Found via one of my favourite lady bloggers Miss Moss, check out her beautiful blog – you won’t be disappointed! x

4 Sep

Getting in the mood for going Stateside on Tuesday! x x

(Ashley Smith by Will Davidson, ‘Austin’ Russh 36)

Penguin Ink

2 Sep

I’m in love with this new Penguin Ink series. The design team at Penguin chose 6 tattoo artists to help them with the project. The chosen artists include Duncan X, Han van de Sluys, Judd Ripley, Lynn Akura, Russ Abbott and Valerie Vargas.

Notes of a Scandal (Valerie Vargas) & The Rotters Club (Han van der Sluys)

The Accidental (Judd Ripley)

High Fidelity (Russ Abbott)

The Book of Dave (Duncan X) & White Teeth (Lynn Akura)

If you’re interested there’s an interview with the Penguin General designer Richard Bravery here!

2 Sep

Smoke & Mirrors

1 Sep

Whoever is doing the topshop makeup packaging is doing a damn fine job!

1 Sep

1 Sep

31 Aug

From a 1961 edition of Bride & Groom, a guide to “marital relations.”

How does she do it?

31 Aug

These images are from a shoot from Vogue Portugal July 2011. On paper the trousers sound heinous- front open laced snakeskin, yet in the photographs they look so good!! I suppose it helps that the model is a drop dead gorgeous leggy blonde.


Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It!

27 Aug

OPI are releasing a new collection of nail varnishes in November 2011 to tie in with the release of the new Disney’s The Muppets film….while I am highly dubious over how good the film will be (please don’t ruin The Muppets for me!), these glittery beauties have got my heart racing…..

As always OPI have come up with some great names for them:



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